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By:  Sara Scharnitzky

May 22 2012

Milan Kundera on Breastfeeding
Milan Kundera on Breastfeeding

Ah, the joy of suckling!  She lovingly watched the fishlike motions of the toothless mouth and she imagined that with her milk there flowed into her little son her deepest thoughts, concepts, and dreams. ~Milan Kundera, Life is Elsewhere


By:  Sara Scharnitzky

May 25 2010

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Sweeten your day with this breastfeeding quote

Really sweet! “With his small head pillowed against your breast and your milk warming his insides, your baby knows a special closeness to you. He is gaining a firm foundation in an important area of life—he is learning about love.” The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, originally published by La Leche League in 1958

By:  Sara Scharnitzky

February 08 2010

Breastfeeding quote: will warm you up!
Breastfeeding quote: will warm you up!

Today’s breastfeeding quote is from Grantly Dick-Read (1890-1959), who is considered to be the father of natural childbirth. He encouraged mothers to give birth with as little medical intervention as possible, educating parents about the benefits of giving birth naturally. Whether a woman gives birth by c-section or not (let’s acknowledge that about a third … Continue reading "Breastfeeding quote: will warm you up!"

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