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By:  Sara Scharnitzky

October 07 2011

Family gatherings. Yay or nay?

With Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, I wondered how breastfeeding mothers fair at such family events.  I am not due until February, so I will not be breastfeeding at the two biggest family gatherings this year.  Let’s say I’m preparing for Easter!

It would seem to me (as an eager mom-to-be), that a family gathering should be a welcoming and supportive place to breastfeed.  But then again a part of me imagines it is more comfortable to breastfeed in front of a busload of strangers than while trying to have a conversation with my father-in-law.  Family members also seem far too comfortable putting in their two cents about how you should raise your child.  A mother wrote this plea on a forum recently “Help with opinionated MIL….”  I love the responses.  It’s not just mother-in-laws! Friends and family often offer suggestions (er, criticism) on all topics of parenting.


So how do you deal with it?  What are your tips for surviving family events without awkwardness and debate?

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!



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